How do I recycle the packaging?

All of our packaging is reusable or recyclable! Here's how to dispose of the various pieces in your delivery.

Snap Kitchen cooler bags (if applicable):

  • Remove all contents of the bag including the meals and ice gel packs
  • Leave the bag (empty and clean) in your normal delivery location and we will pick them up each week and replace it with your next SnapKitchen order.

Lids & meal trays:

  • Remove the labels from each container
  • Clean, rinse, and dry the containers
  • Recycle where plastic is accepted

Ice packs:

We use ice gel packs, filled with an environmentally safe, non-toxic mixture. You can reuse these packs, or, if you’re committed to disposing of them, here’s how we recommend doing so:

  • Let your gel pack fully thaw
  • With scissors, cut open a corner of the gel pack and dispose of it in the waste bin
  • Rinse, and then recycle the film with other soft plastics

Note: We recommend not to drain your gel packs into your kitchen sink.

Boxes & cardboard liners (if applicable):

  • Recycle where paper products are accepted

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