How do I recycle the packaging?

Here's how to dispose of the various packaging in your delivery.

Snap Kitchen cooler bags 

  • At this time the insulated poly material bags are not able to be recycled by traditional household recycling services and the bags will either need to be reused, discarded or processed at your nearest recycling center. 
  • We are no longer able to collect these cooler bags, so they are yours to keep! We highly encourage reusing our bags, as they are insulated, strong and perfect for shopping, outings or anytime you need to keep food or drink cool!
  • If you do not need them, you are always welcome to drop them off at your local Snap Kitchen store and we will be happy to take them off your hands!


Lids & meal trays:

  • Remove the labels from each container
  • Clean, rinse, and dry the containers
  • Recycle where plastic is accepted

Ice packs:

We use ice gel packs, filled with an environmentally safe, non-toxic mixture. You can reuse these packs, or, if you’re committed to disposing of them, here’s how we recommend doing so:

  • Let your gel pack fully thaw
  • With scissors, cut open a corner of the gel pack and dispose of it in the waste bin
  • Rinse, and then recycle the film with other soft plastics

Note: We recommend not to drain your gel packs into your kitchen sink.

Boxes & cardboard liners (if applicable):

  • Recycle where paper products are accepted

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