Your card will be authorized at 8am on the day prior to when your menu locks for the week. Your menu locks 4 days before your order ships, which is 1-2 days before your delivery date, depending on where you live. This will appear as a pending charge on your account, and we will then process the payment at 12:01am the next day.  

For example, if your order ships on Mondays, your card will be preauthorized at 8am the prior Thursday, and then your menu will lock and your charge will be finalized at 12:01am on Friday. You’ll also receive an email the day before your lock day with a reminder to update your meals for your next week!  

The preauthorization allows us to give you advance notice in case you need to make updates to your payment method, without missing a week of meals. We lock your menu 4 days in advance so that we can ensure all meals are cooked to order, reducing unnecessary waste, and ensuring that we're able to continuously deliver healthy made easy for all of our customers.