When is my card charged for Snap Pass?

Your first charge will go through as soon as your complete your initial order.

After that, your card will be pre-authorized on the day prior to your menu lock date deadline for the week. This will appear as a pending charge on your account, and we will then process the payment at 12:01 am the next day when your plan locks.

Your specific weekly Menu Change lock date — the day your menu locks for the week — is listed on our website. You have until 11:59 PM CST the night BEFORE your lock date to make changes.

You’ll receive an email the day before your menu lock date with a reminder to update your meals for your next week, but you can update it for several days before that as well!  

The preauthorization allows us to give you advance notice in case you need to make updates to your payment method – without missing a week of meals. We lock your menu multiple days in advance so that we can ensure all meals are cooked to order, reducing unnecessary waste, and ensuring that we're able to continuously deliver convenient healthy meals for all of our customers

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